I should be completely done with my internship and moving back to Minneapolis by November! Yay! But now that I’m not on orientation at work anymore, my hours have been drastically cut…So, I’m trying to get some extra money so I can rent a moving trailer when the time comes (as opposed to trying and failing to cram everything I own into my car), and if I can, put some towards a deposit for an apartment.

  • Black and white, ink drawings ($10US)
  • Black and white ink drawing with spot color ($12US)
  • Inked drawing with digital flat color ($15US)
  • Traditional colored drawing ($20US)
  • Inked drawing with detailed digital color ($25US)

Prices listed are for single figure/character! Please add an extra $2 per extra character! I will draw pretty much anything, just run it by me first. These commissions will be open til November 1st. Payment should be via paypal. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at 

(Also, consider buying my comics, prints, or stickers from my store. All profits will go towards the move!)

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